Rules game servers

– Always listen to admin. What admin says it is to be followed.
– It’s your responsibility to read the rules.
– Cheating or Ghosting always results in ban.
– Don’t use bad language. We treat each other with respect. Be nice in chat and in Voip (Voice Chat).
– Proper nicknames, Nothing gender related, racism, drug-related or something that seems/or IS insulting.
– Always follow the games objectives.
– WTJ (winning team join) is not allowed.
– No advertisement.
– You may not use bugs/exploits.
– Dealing with complaints or problems, please contact the admins on our Teamspeak3: for fastest respons!
– Sexual harassment and / or racist comments towards ethnicity or origin results in a ban.
– Your computer – your SteamID – your responsibility! It is YOU who is responsible for your computer and what is done with it. Do not blame the brothers, drunk mates or anyone else.
– Rate 25000-100000 Cl_cmdrate 80-320 Cl_updaterate 80-102 Ex_interp 0