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    Hello, please fix bomb plant bug. Anyone else having this? When I try to plant, it says “choose strategy”. I have already choose it in base. And when I choose strategy (again) it wont allow to plant, but it says “wait 9 seconds untill choosing another strategy”.

    Why I keep having this? I dont know what triggers it, as it comes random and in different maps.



    Iknow that it can happens sometimes. but just plant and dont push 1 or 2.. But will look in to it!



    If I press 1 or 2 it does not let me plant, but it will say “wait 9 secs before changing strategy”..

    But I found a way to “fix” the bug, just drop the bomb, pick it up and plant then. But it will take couple seconds, so its not a great fix. Would be good if someone would look into it and maybe find out whats wrong with the script.



    This bug can have several reasons why it happens but I guess it propbably can be because we have a few plugins
    that depends on the same code. We are looking into it! 🙂 Thx for the headsup!



    OK cool, thx. It is very frustrating when it happens and team is angry “why you dont plant bomb”.. x)


    Kim Larsen

    I can sure relate to that, ibuz 🙂 Very unpleasant to have teamplayers or even admins yelling at you ‘to plant the bomb!’ when a mod/script/code/bug prevents you from doing just so 🙂


    Kim Larsen

    Haven’t experienced for a while though, som maybe it is fixed by now?

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