How To

How To Appeal Your Ban

1. It is important that you enter your SteamID
2. Describe your ban appeal with as much information as you can
3. Explain why you think you have been banned
4. Explain why we should lift your ban
5. Keep a good tone/language in your ban appeal
6. Dont create duplicate tickets about same ban appeal
7. If you dont follow theese simple rules your appeal will be declined
8. Your ticket is linked to your account only

When your ban appeal has been sent to us a member
of our Admin group will start an investigation within 36 hours.


How to find SteamID

Use this link how to find SteamID
or in-game open console and enter status,
the SteamID will be beside your nick

An investigation includes among others

To review all involved players chat logs
To review all involved players ban logs
To make contact with the responsible
Administrator & hear her/his version