Rules Discord
– Proper nicknames, Nothing gender related, racism, drug-related or anything that seems insulting / swearing.
Not allowed = hello, hello, well, Hey, hey, cs, lol, k, asd, qwert, TeamSpeakUser, 123 etc.
Try to have a name for your team, or your nick if the rules allow it.
Private Channels
– Private Channels distributed to active users who understand the rules, people who do not behave is the channel admins responsibility.
It is you who got the channel so be sure to tell your friends to follow the rules. Various punishments will be used depending on the offense.
– Inactive channels are removed periodically.
Information regarding all usergroups
– No disruptive behavior like jumping into room and yell at others in channels such as matchmaking.
– The use of the server must not violate Swedish or international law.
– Discussions of the admins way to manage the servers (for example, kicks, bans, lounging, etc.) is not accepted  on the servers.
– To advertise or canvass for other servers / communities when you play/use our services is of course not allowed.
– The user must NOT use the server in a way that could damage, disturb the server or other users who use the server.
This includes but is not limited to the excessive use of the server in the form of generation of unusually high traffic or system resources.
Under no circumstances will the users use of the server lead to disturbance of InsaneGaming or another providers network or interference on the Internet as a whole.
– VIP Guests: Users receive VIP, is the user who help us and doing the community better, or donate money to us.